An educational landscape where the arts empower all children to unlock their full academic, creative and personal potential.


To engage children in dynamic, creative and rigorous learning through the arts.
We do this by:

  • Partnering with K–8 public schools to embed professional teaching artists in classrooms.
  • Increasing the capacity of teachers and professional teaching artists to deliver arts-integrated instruction that meets next generation academic standards.
  • Creating and demonstrating models of excellence in arts-integrated instruction.
  • Providing arts enrichment in afterschool and community-based programs.
  • Working alongside others to advocate for the arts and broaden the conversation around the definition of student achievement.


Collaboration: We are a critical collaborator in the arts, culture and education sectors to create greater impact. Collaboration is key to building strong leadership in the field. 

Creativity: We value working with imagination and originality of thought and expression. Creativity is crucial across the organization from the classroom to the boardroom. 

Sustainability: We strengthen & cultivate programming by investing in ongoing development of stakeholders at all levels. Our accountability is ensured by holding high standards that are research-based best practices and sharing evidence of success through comprehensive data analysis.

Access & Equity: Our commitment to inclusion provides equitable opportunities for all from our classrooms to our board and staff. We work to elevate the voices that best represent our community by encouraging the contribution of a diverse body of perspectives.