Cocktails for KID smART 2021

When  |  October 28th, 2021
Where  | Homes across New Orleans
Why  | To support arts education in New Orleans schools

We want Cocktails for KID smART 2021 to be as safe, joyful and accessible as possible. Without knowing exactly what October 2021 will bring, we are planning an event that can hit the mark on all three. This year’s fundraiser will be a constellation of intimate parties (think 8-12 people) hosted by our nearest and dearest. 

Interested in hosting a small gathering in October on behalf of KID smART? Just email Here’s more info:

If I host a party, who makes the guest list? We encourage you to invite your friends to support your event, but if you’d like help filling out your party we are happy to add others in the KID smART family to your guest list.

What party supplies will KID smART provide? We’ll provide information about KID smART programming to share with your guests and to let them know about the good work they’re supporting. We’ll also solicit in-kind donations of food & drink to distribute among party hosts. We do ask that you be prepared to provide the majority of the refreshments for the evening, as we aren’t 100% sure what our food & drink donations will be.

Do I need to have a really big house to do this? Nope—just space for 8-12! We hope to be able to do this in all sorts of houses in all parts of New Orleans. 

Are there tax benefits for hosting? We can’t promise anything since we’re not tax professionals, but we can provide a letter stating that you’ve made an in-kind donation of space and materials to KID smART.

Why not just throw one big party like usual? There is so much uncertainty about what will be safe in October, and we need to start planning the event at least 6 months before it happens. We also know that some people prefer smaller parties to the big celebrations we usually hold. This is our way of offering an intimate evening where people can learn more about KID smART while also staying well within public health guidelines.

Will the event still have sponsors? Absolutely—we couldn’t do it without them. We’ll be working on ways to highlight our sponsors at each of the parties and, as always, in the lead-up to the event. If you’re interested in sponsoring, please email KID smART Development Director Heather Nelson at

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