Cocktails for KID smART

When  |  March 10, 2022
Where  | The Shop at the CAC
Why  | To support arts education in New Orleans schools

Cocktails for KID smART is back! On March 10th, 2022 KID smART will host an evening of safe and joyful celebration that supports wider access to the arts in public schools. We hope you’ll join us!

Purchase your tickets here, or mail your check and info to KID smART, 2533 Columbus St. NOLA 70119

Featured Artist: Ron Bechet

Ron Bechet is the Victor H. Labat Professor of Art and Department Head of the Department of Art at Xavier University of Louisiana. His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Bechet has been teaching for 20 years at the college level. He has served as the first director of Xavier Art Department’s Community Arts Partnership Program as well as in many arts and youth programs in the New Orleans area both as an advisor and a practitioner. He was the recipient of the New Orleans Mayor’s Arts award in 2006.

An 18” x 18” limited edition giclee of Bechet’s “What Goes Comes Again,“ signed and numbered by the artist, is offered to sponsors and select patrons. The 39 1/4” x 42” original charcoal work will also be available for auction.

Featured Emerging Artist: Brent Houzenga

Brent Houzenga is New Orleans-based painter and musician originally from Fulton, IL. Houzenga’s art has graced the walls of galleries in Warsaw, Chicago, Kansas City, Washington D.C., Portland, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and New Orleans. His work has been featured in publications such as Time Out Chicago, Art and Art Galleries of the South, Art+Design New Orleans, as well as the Rizzoli book Stickers: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art.

A 15” x 18” limited edition giclee of Houzenga’s “Untitled – James Baldwin Portrait,” signed and numbered by the artist, is offered to sponsors and patrons. 

Libations by:
Sazerac Company

Presenting Sponsor

Critical Thinking Sponsor

Collaboration Sponsors


Toryah Cameron

Dr. Gwenesta Barnum Melton
and Dr. Kenneth Melton

Campbell Hutchinson
and Allison Stewart

Joyful Engagement Sponsors

Better NOLA Fund

Krista and Michael Dumas

Philip J. Gunn and Jeanne M. Turner

Elly and Merritt Lane

Sheldon Lykes

Dr. Jarrett Johnson

Carol and Tom Reese

Vincent Saia Foundation

Zemurray Foundation


Dionne & Norman Barnum
Helaine & Ned Benjamin
Elizabeth A. Boh
Vivian & Richard Cahn
Robyn Dunn & Andrew Schwarz
Ragan & Dino Gankendorff
Ryan Gootee
Deirdre & Christian Hooper

Gretchen and Peter Howard
Janet and Scott Howard
Susan Hutchinson
Alice Key
James & Stephanie Laborde
Mary Lucy & David Lane
Martine & Juan Linares
Amanda & Don Massey

Josh Mayer & Jill Dupre
Jonathan McCall
Monique L. McCleskey
Terri McCormack
Cathy & Mark McCrae
Felicia Rabito & Bill Ellison
Matthew & Nancy Rebold
Josephine Sacabo & David Wonk

Claude & Mimi Moyse Schlesinger
The Aaron or Peggy Selber Foundation
Lisa Puckett Sinders
Adele and John Tiblier
Tony Watts & Lory Lockwood
Jeanette & Jeffrey Weiland
Sarah & Patrick Vance

For information about sponsorship and patron levels,
contact Heather Nelson at or 504-940-1994.

Event Chairs:

Krystal Hardy Allen
Dionne and Norman Barnum
Jeannette and Jeffrey Weilans

Event Committee:

Rachel and Bryan Bailey
Dickie Brennan, Jr.
Suzanne and Steve Dumez
Celeste and Curtis Eustis
Stephanie Goliwas
Dr. Eric Griggs
Phil Gunn and Jeanne Turner
Janet and Scott Howard
Andrea and Jeffrey Huseman
Dr. Jarrett Johnson
Riley Kennedy and Robert Miller
Rhonda Kalifey-Aluise
Elly and Merritt Lane
Martine Chaisson Linares and Juan Linares
Cathy and Mark McRae
Drs. Gwenesta and Kenneth Melton
Alvertha B. Penny
Jill and Minor Pipes
Felicia Rabito and Bill Ellison
Carol McMichael Reese and Tom Reese
Mary Martin and Richard Roth
Susan and Chuck Schadt
Virginia and John Rowan
Claude and Mimi Moyse Schlesinger
Robyn and Andrew Schwarz
Troy Scroggins, Jr.
Susu and Andrew Stall
Lauren and Patrick Templeman
Adele Bienvenu Tiblier
Allison and Ben Tiller
Kara Van de Carr and Daryl Byrd
Angela Herbert White

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