Extend arts-rich learning to ALL New Orleans students!

“I am often overwhelmed by the absence of opportunities for my students to experience art in all its forms. Bringing the arts into their lessons creates joy for all of us. I wish every student in New Orleans with significant disabilities could experience school this way.”
– Kelly, Special Education Teaching Artist

Over the last 20 years, KID smART has served more than 30,000 New Orleans students by integrating the arts into the school day. This school year, KID smART is bringing arts-based learning to 75 students with special needs across three New Orleans schools. Students vary in age from 9 to 16 and have a wide range of abilities, including moderate to severe cognitive disabilities, autism, emotional/behavior disabilities, hearing impairment, and speech and language impairment. 

In a Creative Schools for Special Populations classroom, you might see students with limited verbal communication taking part in theatre games that encourage self expression, or students who need support regulating their emotions using visual art to explore emotional vocabulary. Each lesson is coplanned by a classroom teacher and teaching artist and adapted to the specific needs of the classroom.

You can help us expand this program! 

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The cost per student of an artist residency is 3x higher for students with special needs. Your support makes possible:

  • a low student to teaching artist ratio,
  • art supplies appropriate for the motor skills and sensory needs of students, and
  • specialized training for both special education teachers and teaching artists.

Thank you for helping us extend arts-rich learning to ALL New Orleans students!