Create dynamic, detailed, and beautiful art using sunlight! Explore plants and their organic shapes, play with pattern and surface area, express literary themes or personal narratives. Learn how to lead your students through an easy and magical art-making process that takes us back to the origins of photography. Cyanotype or ‘sun prints’ can be created with thematic applications across content areas, including science, social studies, reading and math. Through this hands-on workshop, you will become comfortable with the materials and steps to create a sun print and aware of integration opportunities within your curriculum. By the end, you will have created your own sunprint and prepared to facilitate the process with your students.

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60 minute workshop60 minute strategy session
or demo lesson

90 minute workshop90 minute workshop

2-3 hour workshop2-3 hour workshop

Out of town fees may apply. Free for Creative Schools.

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Erin Barnard

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Visual Arts

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Social Studies