This workshop will provide participants with tools for their students to access difficult text. Erasure poetry — also known as black-out and found poetry — is a process of composing a poem by selecting words and phrases from a previously written text, and can be used across content areas. Through erasure poetry, students are compelled to engage with a text through the process of close reading and envisioning in order to carefully express themselves through the construction of their own poem. By closely studying and choosing words and phrases, erasure poetry fosters a dialogue and deeper relationship between the student and the text, providing students with a new entry point into the genre. Participants will leave this workshop with a creative strategy to help students approach challenging texts across all content areas and an understanding of reasons why arts strategies help students build connection and deeper understanding of content.

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60 minute workshop60 minute strategy session
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90 minute workshop90 minute workshop

2-3 hour workshop2-3 hour workshop

Out of town fees may apply. Free for Creative Schools.

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Tiana Nobile

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Creative Writing
Visual Arts

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Social Studies