Who are the students in our classroom?  What makes each one of them unique?  What are their goals and dreams?  Who do they wish to be? How do we create community in our classroom and provide a safe space for all of our students?  

In this exploration of self-portraiture and geometry, participants will discover the many shapes that make a face. Using mirrors, participants will explore symmetry and distance and practice drawing their features by incorporating the shapes they find. After learning about facial mapping and proportion, participants will create their own 2D self-portraits using wax and watercolor. By the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with the knowledge of how to use color, line, and composition to capture facial emotion and personality. This visual art PD connects with the LA mathematics common core standards for geometry in grades K-4.

This workshop is part of a Creating Community Series, focusing on how we can use visual art to foster meaningful relationships within our learning community. Rooted in a strong foundation of multicultural education and culturally responsive lessons, we will explore our student’s multiple identities, identify challenges they may face, perspectives they hold and begin to better understand our students  as learners. We will explore many different materials and mediums: collage, sculpture, drawing, photography, painting and simple skills and techniques to bring these lessons to life in your classroom!

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Jenn Potts

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