Students of all ages benefit from the freedom of abstract art. Since there is no “right” way for abstract art to look, students can express themselves and experience success without feeling frustrated that their visual creation does not resemble something in real life. Abstract art also gives students the opportunity to explore the complicated ideas inherent in emotional literacy. Feeling uncomfortable may not resemble something concrete and tangible, but lines, colors, and shapes can help students express such feelings more vividly and accurately for themselves and others. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use elements of art, such as line and color, to develop students’ emotional literacy. By considering the ways in which lines and colors can capture different feelings, educators will leave with strategies to help students creatively express themselves through visual art.

  • Session 1 of a 4 part series. Can also be presented as a stand alone session.

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60 minute workshop60 minute strategy session
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90 minute workshop90 minute workshop

2-3 hour workshop2-3 hour workshop

Out of town fees may apply. Free for Creative Schools.

Teaching Artist

Tiana Nobile

Art Forms

Visual Arts

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