How would an obtuse angle convince you they’re better than an acute angle? Why is each branch of government necessary? Add some flavor to the facts of academic content by transitioning from persuasive essay-writing to persuasive playwriting. Learn carefully scaffolded steps to help students personify content across all curriculum areas through monologues or 2-character plays. Your students’ curiosity, creativity, and personal perspective will shine through their writing as they deepen understanding of the content and develop confidence as playwrights.

Come to the session with a topic you’re teaching this week and leave with a newly written persuasive play to share with your students. Addresses Common Core Anchor Standards for Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening. Early childhood session uses a whole group playwriting process with a focus on physical and emotional expression.

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13 + 6 =

90 minute workshop60-90 minute workshop: $500

2-3 hour workshop2-3 hour workshop: $800

Out of town fees may apply. Free for Creative Schools.

Teaching Artist

Aminisha Ferdinand

Art Forms

Theater Arts

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Social Studies