COVID-19 Responsive Programming

As our partner schools, collaborating teachers, and student artists shift to virtual learning, KID smART remains committed to carrying out our mission of engaging children in dynamic, creative, and rigorous learning through the arts. 

Art Apart

KID smART launched the Art Apart video series in March, 2020 to provide digital content for K-8th graders during school closures. The series included 90+ videos exploring music, movement, creative writing, performance, visual art, social-emotional learning, and read-alouds led by 14 professional teaching artists.

Art Apart continued throughout the summer as parents and students sought new ways to learn at home amid the cancellation of summer camps and programs. The series received more than 5,000 unique views.

Student Lens on Distance Learning

For the past two years, Erin Barnard has been teaching media arts at The NET: Gentilly through a partnership with KID smART and Metropolitan Human Services District. In an unprecedented time of transition from the classroom to virtual spaces, Erin’s digital media class opted to document their experiences through an online photojournalism project. Erin’s class was able to transition quickly online by giving her students computers loaded with necessary software from KID smART and using The NET’s online learning platforms.

“This is a format for us to document, process and share our experiences of these strange times in a meaningful way while we are apart, and to keep our creativity flowing using the excellent photo skills we’ve developed over the semester so far.” Ms. Erin, Teaching Artist

“I can’t do much because they say to stay inside because of the Corona. So I go outside just to find something to take a picture of. I look for something in nature, something beautiful.” Ronald, Student at The NET: Gentilly

Virtual Professional Development for Teachers

KID smART Professional Development for teachers is now available virtually. Current offerings explore the fundamentals of arts-integration and social/emotional learning, target specific academic subjects, and integrate creative writing, visual art, and theatre into K-8th grade curriculum.

Teachers who participated in KID smART workshops last year reported more frequency and fidelity to creative teaching strategies and 99% would recommend our PD to colleagues.

Homegrown Teaching Artist Institute

In June, KID smART partnered with Ashe’s Institute of Cultural Education and Junebug Productions to offer Homegrown, a virtual training series centering local artists and artists of color. The series focused on building artists’ skill sets to work in formalized education settings, such as schools, museums, summer camps, and other cultural institutions. Participants developed effective lesson plans, envisioned a safe learning environment for their students, and learned about childhood development through a cultural lens.