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Visual Art
PreK-5th Grade


The work of Gulf Coast artists Walter Anderson and Francis Pavy will inspire us on our exploration of the wildlife, plants, animals, and ecosystems of the Gulf Coast through drawing and printmaking. Teachers will learn step by step how to confidently teach their students to draw from observation (of photographs), focusing on the big shapes and movements while adding in details, pattern, and texture. We will then use those drawings to learn about printmaking and create relief prints. Read more…

Led by Jenn Potts

Drama / Theatre
K-8th Grade


​Enhance students’ ability to understand and retain key science concepts as you dive into several experiential lesson plans and arts-integration strategies. As a creative and kinesthetic art form, theater encourages students to form an emotionally resonant bond with your school’s science curriculum, cementing technical material in the brain. Participants will leave this workshop well-versed in the tools needed to begin immediately integrating theater into your science class.

Led by Sean Glazebrook

Visual Art
Science + All Subjects
K-8th Grade


Create dynamic, detailed and beautiful art using sunlight! Explore plants and their organic shapes, play with pattern and surface area, express literary themes or personal narratives. Learn how to lead your students through an easy and magical art-making process that takes us back to the origins of photography. Cyanotype or ‘sun prints’ can be created with thematic applications across content areas, including science, social studies, reading and math. Through this hands-on workshop, you will become comfortable with the materials and steps to create a sun print and aware of integration opportunities within your curriculum. 

Led by Erin Barnard

Science + ELA
3rd-8th Grade


We teach about change every day: character/plot arc, or transformations in nature, shifts in history. Help your students physicalize these processes through dance while developing body awareness and appreciation for their individual movement styles. Leave this session with more confidence in how to facilitate whole class movement, identify essentials of dance integrated teaching, select appropriate dance objectives for your academic learning goals, and develop a safe, creative learning environment.

Led by Aminisha Ferdinand

Select the workshop length that fits your school’s schedule and budget:

60 minute workshop60 minute strategy session
or demo lesson

90 minute workshop90 minute workshop

2-3 hour workshop2-3 hour workshop

Out of town fees may apply. Free for Creative Schools.

“You guys consistently create the most amazing professional development opportunities! Throughout my four years of teaching, nothing has been as valuable as my time with KID smART.”

-Classroom Teacher

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