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Bring KID smART’s research-based, arts-driven professional development to your school! Teachers who participated in KID smART workshops last year reported more frequency and fidelity to creative teaching strategies and 99% would recommend our PD to colleagues!

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Workshops are offered in multiple academic subjects, art forms, and grade levels. Sessions are fully-customizable to fit your school’s needs.

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Select the workshop length that fits your school’s schedule and budget:

60 minute workshop60 minute strategy session
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90 minute workshop90 minute workshop

2-3 hour workshop2-3 hour workshop

No two workshops are alike! KID smART presenters are able to customize their workshops to fit your school’s specific needs. We often scaffold workshops to build a strong foundation for artful learning and teaching. Email to build your school’s unique professional development calendar!

“You guys consistently create the most amazing professional development opportunities! Throughout my four years of teaching, nothing has been as valuable as my time with KID smART.”

—KID smART Teacher, ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy

Teachers in Dance-Integrated Workshop

Arts Integration Foundations Series

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for alignment and stronger curriculum connections, KID smART’s Arts Integration series is scaffolded to help your teachers create the strongest arts integration foundation across grade levels and subject areas.

Teachers in Visual Art Workshop

Arts Integration 101

Arts integration is a research‐based approach to teaching that connects learning in arts and non‐arts curriculum areas. This workshop will demystify the practice of arts integration, demonstrate the outcomes of integration practice for students, and offer a portfolio of resources. Participants will explore best practices from KID smART and other model programs such as the Kennedy Center’s Changing Education through the Arts (CETA) program and Harvard’s Project Zero.

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Arts Objectives & Assessment

When developing our skills as arts integration practitioners, we often focus our training more on how to teach through arts integration rather than how to assess arts integrated learning. But how do we know if we are teaching effectively if we are not assessing effectively? In this workshop, participants will learn processes to clarify expectations for what students will learn in the art form, and identify ways to capture that learning authentically.

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Crafting an Effective Arts Integrated Lesson Plan

Being able to write an effective arts integrated lesson plan is a critical factor in achieving positive student outcomes. Workshop participants will explore current best practices in lesson generation, structure, and execution. Drawing on research from Harvard’s Project Zero and Stanford’s Graduate School of Education, this experiential course equips teachers with the structures, protocols, and theory needed to craft a strong arts integrated lesson.

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Safe Studio

The arts integrated classroom often looks different than a traditional classroom.  With art supplies, movement based activities, and student directed learning, it takes a different approach to management to be successful. In this workshop, participants will focus on how to execute proven strategies for managing an arts rich classroom while still maintaining a joyful, safe studio environment.

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Teacher in Visual Art Workshop

KID smART Coaching

Increase and deepen your teachers’ implementation of arts integration through coaching.  Our coaches work with teachers in their classrooms to reinforce the transfer of new knowledge and build skills. Coaching is a one-to-one experience tailored to each individual teacher’s needs with a goal of sustained classroom practice.

Teachers in Dance Integrated Workshop
Coaching Cycle: Professional Development, Planning, Instruction, Reflection

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